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Computer Science Education
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We must understand what Computing is in order to teach it; what we teach now will influence what Computing becomes. We aim to encompass both theoretical and practical research: The effort to marshal the latest technology to serve educational aims is balanced with a need to seek out and address questions about which concepts, strategies, and techniques are fundamental to an Informatics education. Our ethos emphasises:
  • empirically-grounded research and recommendations;
  • striving to encompass new technology promptly and intelligently but not gratuitously;
  • collaboration and co-operation: providing a channel for establishing co-operative projects and mutual consultation with industry and academia;
  • re-use: trying to identify pertinent research elsewhere so that local research is focussed efficiently on new developments; and
  • communication: promoting discourse among researchers and practitioners and facilitating dissemination of research results in accessible forms.
Informatics Education research in the Department is conducted under the umbrella of the Centre for Informatics Education Research (CIER). Membership of this centre comprises all personnel in the Department.

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